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How can the event organizer register members and non-members?

Current Event - Add Registration

Add Registration: Within this section the event organizer can register a club member, or register an attendee outside of the Club membership. Note the event chair can add a registration even if the form date has passed. This permits you to add late registrants and special guests after the signup window for other members has expired.

Step 1: A member can be looked up by what club the member is a part of or by typing in the first letters of the first and last name. Once that information has been entered click the Next button. Step 2 will be updated to make the member section.

Step 2: A member can be selected from a drop down list. The Users within this section are from the results of Step 1. Once the member is selected click the Continue button to move on to add registration.

Add New Registration: If you are registering an attendee that exists outside your club/district/zone then click the Add New Registration link to move on to add registration.

add reg select member


Enter a Registration ID:  The Event Organizer can enter the members Registration ID from another event (that they are registered for) to have the members information populate the registration fields. Once you press the Copy button you will move on to add registration.

reg id

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