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Adding a New Member on the District

You can use your District webpage to add a new member to your club, through the use of the For Clubs tab on the menu. 


1.  To add a member through the District site, go to your District webpage and click on the Login link at the top right of the page. Then, enter your login details on the page that appears. 


2. You are now logged in. To access the District Administration page, click on Member Area on the top right.


3. You are now on the District Administration page. Click the For Clubs tab just under the header. 


4. Next, click on Membership Lists.


5. You are now presented with an Active Members List for your own club. You can view and edit member details as on your own club webpage.


6. To add a new member, click the Add New Member link at the right side of the screen, just above the list of active members.


7. You are now on the New Member page. Fill in the contact details for your new member in the fields provided. 

Note: For Rotary Clubs, Rotary International requires that the Date Joined CLub must be within 3 0days within 30 days from today. If you choose a date over this you will receive an error.

Note:  For Rotary Clubs, The Date Joined Rotary and Date Joined Club field will be different if your new member has transferred from another Club, or is a former Rotarian.


8. In the fields under the heading Transferring Member? you can indicate whether or not your new member is transferring from another club and, if so, their club and district of origin.


9. Enter the new member's Email and define their user name and password in the fields provided. A Login Name and Temporary Password are automatically generated for you, but you may change this later as you wish. 

You may also choose Send Email notification to send the member a welcome email, either using an existing template or one you compose yourself. Then, use the check box to set whether or not you wish to inform Rotary International of this new member enrollment. 

Note:  If you are a Rotary Club, make sure Report this new member to Rotary International is selected, otherwise RI will not be aware of this new member addition at the Club.

10. Finally, click Add Member to save your details. 

This will add the Member to the Clubs Member List.

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