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Tracking Website Statistics with Google Analytics

ClubRunner has built-in Google Analytics tracking to help you gain insight into your website traffic. All you need to do is signup with a free Google account and it will allow you access to advanced data about your ClubRunner website. We do recommend setting up a Google account just for your club so that management of the account can be passed on easily. As a note you can add others to be able to view the analytics.


  1. You will need to go to and click on the sign in link and choose Google Analytics.

  2. After logging in you’ll be presented with the following screen, and you will want to click on Sign up.

  3. This will lead you to the setup page for a new account, and you’ll need to enter information about your club such as:

    • Name of the Account : This is the account your Website will set in. We recommend using your Club's name.
    • Name of the Website : Name of the Site you're setting up for Google Analytics, use your Club's name.
    • Website URL: This is the direct URL to your ClubRunner website. eg: (if you have a custom domain name, you should use that instead)
    • Industry Category : We recommend using Other, however you can choose whichever category you like.
    • Reporting Time zone : Use the time zone that your Club is in.
  4. Under the New account screen there will be Data Sharing Settings. None of these are required to be picked, you can also change this at any time in the future.

  5. After reviewing the data Settings, click on Get Tracking ID

  6. This will prompt you to Accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement.  Make sure to select the correct country, read the terms of service agreement and then click I Accept.

  7. Once you click I Accept, you’ll be presented with the Tracking ID page, this is what ClubRunner needs to allow Google Analytics on your site. In the screenshot below you can see the Tracking ID highlighted. Highlight the Tracking ID on the page, right click and copy it. After highlighting you can also use keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + C / COMMAND + C

  8. Navigate to your ClubRunner website.
  9. If you are not yet logged in, click on Member Login, otherwise continue to Step 10.
  10. Click on the Member Area link.
  11. Click on the Website tab, and then Click on Website Designer
  12. Once the Designer page loads, click on the Settings icon on the Ribbon Bar

  13. Under the Analytics Group, click on Add Google Analytics.
  14. On this page, paste the Tracking ID that we copied from Step 7, then click Save.


Once your Tracking ID is entered into ClubRunner, the data will start to become available on Google's Analytics website. You can return to at any time to see your Club's statistics.

Note: It can take 24 hours before data starts appearing after setting up your Club's tracking information.

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