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Where can I Delete Blog or Story Tags?

We have created a page which allows you to be able to delete tags for blogs and stories. We recommend deleting tags with spelling mistakes or ones created in error. To learn how to use this page please follow the steps below:

Note: To add a tag to a story please create or edit a story and add a tag located near the bottom of the page.

1. Login to ClubRunner and go to the Member Area.

2. On the grey menu bar near the top click Website.

3. On the blue menu bar click Website Content.

4. On the ribbon click Libraries.

5. Click Tags on the left.

6. This will take you to the TagsManagement page.

7. There are three different displays you can choose from:

  • Show Deleted - This displays deleted tags.
  • Show All - This displays all tags.
  • Show Active - This displays non-deleted tags.

8. On the right, you can click the Add Tag button to create a new tag to use in the future.

9. The chart has 4 different headings:

  • Tag - This is the name of the tag.
  • Created Date - The date the comment was written.
  • Creator - The person who wrote the comment.
  • Actions - There is a link named Delete which will delete the tag.

How to Create and Edit a Story

Choose files or drag and drop files
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