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I replied to an address, why is it invalid?

If you are reading this help document, you likely tried to send a reply email to an email address. These email addresses are used to identify the individual who sent you the email. If an email is sent to one of these email addresses it will not be received. To find the sender's correct email address please review the email message. You should be able to see the sender’s information, here is an example:


Here we can see that it was John who sent us the email. ClubRunner includes a field in all outgoing emails called reply-to which tells email programs who the reply email should go to. Most email clients will respect this field. When you choose to reply the email to the To: field should update and you should no longer see the address, but the senders real address.

If the email shows up as the address, you should change it manually. If you know their email address, type it in correctly to allow your response to be sent properly.

If you do not know their email address you can use the following resources:

  • ClubRunner Member Search: Use your Club’s website member search to locate their contact information.
  • ClubRunner District Member Search: Use your District’s website member search to locate their contact information.
  • ClubRunner Mobile App: Use the app to find the individuals contact information.
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