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Website - Sitemap location

In Google and other search engine's advanced setup, you may be asked to provide a sitemap.  This has already been created for you.

The URL for the sitemap is: [websiteaddress] / sitemap-[language-code].xml

Website address is the URL to your account's website, such as or

The language code is based on your account's website language and will be a 5 total characters. Here are some examples:

  • US Enlglish: en-us
  • Canadian English: en-ca
  • Swedish: sv-se

As an example if your homepage URL is: and your account is using Canadian English website language then the sitemap would be found at:

Note that this is not a typical webpage to be viewed by the general public, but rather a special file used by search engines for SEO.  If you are unable to locate your website's sitemap please contact us.

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