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Rotary International Integration Introduction and Overview

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rotary International requires every member and entity make use of a unique email address. This means (for example) married members cannot make use of a single email address for the purposes of database integration.*

ClubRunner enabled automatic database integration with Rotary International on November 1, 2010. This means once this feature is turned on and the setup is complete, all member data updates (which your club chooses to share) will be automatically updated on Member Access at RI's Headquarter databases within minutes, without the need to send any email notifications or enter the data via

Prior to November 1, 2010, the database integration consisted of email notifications which were automatically generated by ClubRunner, but had to be sent by a club executive through the "Send Data Changes to RI" feature on ClubRunner. Note that the automatic integration replaces this feature.

In order to begin using this feature, there are two steps that need to be completed by your club:

1. Opt in at Rotary International’s Member Portal at Login as either club President, Secretary, or Executive Secretary/Director and look for the Partner Organization section. Select ClubRunner as your authorized partner then click on the “I Agree” button to indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions.

2. Opt in within your ClubRunner Site. Login to your ClubRunner site and click on the RI Integration link on the Admin page and then select the checkbox to switch on RI Integration. If you are logging into your district site, you will find this link under the "For Clubs" section. Select the checkbox to switch on integration and agree to the ClubRunner terms and conditions. At that time, you will see your club privacy options. This allows you to choose which fields you wish to share with Rotary. Note: The name and at least one address is the minimum that has to be shared. Note: Once you do this, ClubRunner will begin to transmit your member information updates to Rotary International as soon as any changes are made to your active or honorary members’ profiles, whether the change was made by the member or a club officer. Please note, when a club opts in for the first time, we reset all their member privacy preferences to opt in to ALL fields. Before, it only opted them into Name, Home Address and Business Address and they had to manually update any fields in their profile.

Note: During the setup, there may be a 24 hour delay from the time a club opts in (authorizes the vendor) to the time the authorization takes effect. Once the setup is complete, the member profile updates will take place within several seconds moving forward.


Privacy Options by Member

This new integration feature also allows your individual members to customize their own privacy options by allowing them to select which fields they wish to share with Rotary International. The club privacy options override the member in terms of opting out of certain fields, so if the club chooses not to share cell phone numbers, all members will not share cell phones. However, if the club chooses to share home phones, certain members can decide to opt out of sharing home phones.

Importance of RI Member ID

It's important to note that the RI Member Number must be populated for all members in your club that you wish to integrate changes for. Effective November 11th, 2015 a service was implemented on ClubRunner to automatically populate the RI Member Numbers for all your members' ClubRunner profiles. You can access a list of any members that were not successfully matched for an RI Member ID by clicking on Missing RI Member ID Report under the Membership tab (For the district site, this would be found under the For Clubs section). To update these profiles manually, click on the View Profile link on the right to access their profile and then click on the Rotary tab, and there you can update their RI Member ID. This information can be found on the Rotary Member Access site.

Error Handling

At this time, new members, member updates, member terminations, club officer information, and club information are integrated with Rotary International. Should an error occur, ClubRunner will send an email to the club with the RI integration issues to be reviewed and resolved as required.

History of Updates

Compare and Sync for Executives (January 18, 2018).

We now support compare and sync functions for club executives for Rotary tracked positions. You will be able to push synced positions to Rotary, or pull positions reported at Rotary into ClubRunner.

Automatic Error Notification Discontinued (August 1, 2017).

Rotary International requested ClubRunner to stop its automatic notification of errors from RI integration. Going forward, these notifications will be sent to the club’s RI integration service contact to review and resolve as required.


Honorary Members, Change of Member Type (Active to Honorary, Honorary to Active), Club Transfers, Date of Birth, Work Website, Classification, Sponsor, Club Info - Website, Phone Number, Fax, and Mailing Address (August 9, 2016).

We now support all of these integrations. If any of these new integrations change on ClubRunner, the RI database will reflect the changes immediately. However, if there was an error, an email will be sent automatically to RI to have them change it manually, which could take up to 5 business days.

Club Membership Chair Position (March 21, 2013).

We now support the club Membership Chair as an integrated officer. As soon as this position is populated, the RI database will reflect this immediately, ensuring that this member will receive proper access as well as timely notifications regarding membership. For instructions on updating your club membership chair position, please read the article named How do I add a club Executive? for club websites or Add a club Executive or Director on district Page.

Compare & Synchronize Member Data Fields (November 01, 2012).

This new function will allow you to compare your member data information as it appears on ClubRunner with what is available in Rotary Internationals' Member Access, giving you the option to push your member information directly from ClubRunner to Rotary International or pull your information from Member Access to populate your ClubRunner profile. Therefore, if you notice a member's profile was inconsistent between ClubRunner and RI, you can simply push or pull the specific field data between ClubRunner and RI. To learn more about how to sync member data fields, please read the article named How to use the Compare & Synchronize function for club websites or How to use the Compare & Synchronize Function on the district or How to use the Compare & Synchronize Function (district) for district administrators.

RI Integration - Club Officer Information (December 15, 2011).

Now available, club executive and officer information will update RI's databases in real time. This means that now, Clubs can define their club officers for 2012 - 2013 and the information will be reflected on RI's database in minutes! For instructions on updating your club executive and officer information, please read the article named How do I add a club Executive? for club websites or Add a club Executive or Director on district Page.

Club Meeting Information (December 15, 2011).

Now available, club information will update RI's databases in real time! Updates made to the club's meeting place as well as the meeting date and time will be reflected on RI's databases in minutes. For more information, please read the article named How to Update your club's meeting Information for club websites or View and Edit club Information for district websites.


Terminations (October 20, 2011).

Member Terminations are now included within the automatic RI Integration update. It no longer takes up to 2 weeks to complete. The process now updates within minutes. For more information, please read the article named How do I deactivate or delete an active member? for club websites or Deleting a club Member for district websites.

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