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How do I enter in a comped or free registration?

On certain occasions you will need to enter in a comped or free registration for a guest or special person that does not need to pay for the registration.

Please follow the outlined steps below to accomplish this task on MyEventRunner:

  • Login to MyEventRunner and Open the event


  • Click on Add Registration.

Note: If you are registering a member that exists in the database, you can start by searching for their member profile. Otherwise, click on the Add New Registration link

Step 1

  • On the first screen, make sure to select the checkbox at the top to NOT send a confirmation email (which would show the $ value of the registration, causing confusion)

Step 2

  • After the registration is done, click View Registrations and open it up and select Adjust Registration Fees.

Step 3

  • When finished, click Save.Save
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