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Domain Aliasing with ClubRunner

Clubs or Districts with their own domain names (whether registered through us or directly with a domain registrar) can not only achieve better branding and higher search engine ranks using their own URL, which will replace any reference to ClubRunner in their URL. Whereas previously, we recommended doing a simple redirect to have your domain point to your  ClubRunner homepage, you can now employ proper domain hosting techniques for better branding and visibility online. 

This shift in architecture also allowed us to introduce permalinks as a feature. With the introduction of permalinks for all for your web pages (such as a story detail page, site page, etc), you can now have meaningful URLs such as :

Please follow these steps on your domain registration site to configure your domain. Because this is essentially a brand new site, you will need to allow search engines such as Google a few weeks to pick up your new URL. You must edit both the CNAME Record and the A Record.

If you are familar with domain setup, there are only 2 domain records you need to change:

 1. Edit the master / root / primary domain A Record:
The Host name may show as your domain name, or the @ symbol depending on your registrar.
The value should be

2. Add or Edit a WWW CNAME record:
The Host name is:  www
The value should be:

Ensure that there are no other WWW records types.

When your domain auto-forwards to our ClubRunner corporate homepage [ ] then contact to finalize the process

Note: If you have multiple domains, please set your main domain name with ClubRunner's domain aliasing, then forward the other domains to the main domain.Note: The following are steps you would use if using MyDomainRunner. Note that not all domain services use the same style of interface. If you are using another domain registrar, we recommend contacting them for similar instructions. If ClubRunner is your domain registrar and would like to take advantage of this feature, please contact us

General Steps for MyDomainRunner or similar domain services

1. Sign into the domain administration website with your account details. 

2. Click on Domain Manager.

3. Locate and click on the domain name you wish to edit.

4. Under Additional Settings click on Manage DNS.

5. Locate the Type A record with the name of @ and click the Pencil Icon.
6. Under Points To, enter the following IP Address:

 7. Click Save.

 8. Next you must edit the WWW record.

9. Locate the Type CNAME record with the name of WWW and click the Pencil Icon.

10. Under Points To enter the following address:

 11. Click Save.

12. DO NOT SKIP - Contact us at with your domain name and we will complete the process.   

Note: Any of the changes made to the DNS Manager will require at least 60 minutes (and in some cases as long as 48 hours) to take effect. 

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