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How to embed a PowerPoint Presentation

You can add a PowerPoint presentation to your club website, by using an embed code you can obtain from a third-party website, Slideshare.

Note: ClubRunner cannot provide technical support for third-party services. If you need more help with Slideshare, refer to their support team or online help.  

For the most up to date instructions, please visit


Obtaining an Embed Code

1. Click here to open the Slideshare site. Your link will open in a new window.


2. Once you are at the Slideshare site you will need to signup for a new account or login to an existing account, using the buttons at the top right.


3. Once you have accessed or created your account click on the orange Upload button.


4. On the upload screen you may select a file. Once you have done so, click Upload. On this screen you also have the option to set the file to public or private. You must set it to public to display on your webpage. 


5. Once the file is uploaded, click the orange Publish button to make the presentation go live: 


6. Once published, click the Share button:


 7. In the Share settings, copy all the text found inside the Embed section:


Adding the PowerPoint Presentation into ClubRunner

1. Once you have obtained your embed code, login to your ClubRunner site. 


2. Access the Web Designer by clcking on the Website tab and then the Website Designer link.


3. Once in the web designer, click on the Edit Content button in the central content section.


4. Click on the Custom Widgets (Global) tab on the left side of the screen.


5. Now, click on a Global Custom Widget and drag and drop it into the desired spot in the main design area.


6. Once the widget icon has been placed, the edit screen will open automatically. Give the widget a title in the field provided.


7. Next, click on the Source button in the editing tools. This step is essential if you want the embed code to display properly.


8. Now paste the embed code you obtained from Slideshare into the editing field.

9. Click on Save to proceed, or Cancel if you wish to discard the changes you've made. You will be returned to the page designer screen. 


10. If you want to see the appearance of the embedded PowerPoint on your site, click the Page Preview button at the top right of the page designer.


11. If you are satisified with the appearance of the PowerPoint, click the Publish button. 



12. Your PowerPoint presentation is now available on your website.


For further details visit:

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