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How do I setup a Bambora hosted donations page? - Knowledgebase / Club Help / Club - Administration Guide / Events & Calendar - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

How do I setup a Bambora hosted donations page?

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ClubRunner's Bambora contact is:

Justin Hagan

 Before beginning with these instructions, you must setup a Bambora account, and connect this to an appropriate bank account.  This is called creating the “terminal” for your account.  This process can take from a few days, to as long as two weeks, depending on whom you bank with.

After you have setup your "terminal":

1. Login to your Bambora account, then click “configuration” -> “payment form

This is where you can setup how the Donations payment page looks.  You edit the Page headers and footers using simple HTML, to emulate our ClubRunner pages, or any other style.

2. After finishing any changes to the design, at the bottom of this page, click “View Preview”

3. This opens a new browser window, which is not a preview of your donations page—but your actual donations page itself.  Make sure you do not have pop-up windows blocked in your browser, or you may not see the donations page.

4. Copy and paste the URL of your donations page.

Here is an example of what a URL will look like.  This link will not work in a browser because the "merchant id" has been taken out (and replaced with several 'x's).  Your similar looking URL will not have this problem:

The end of the URL (in red) is the default donation amount (in this case, $5.00).  You can now take this URL and paste this link anywhere inside ClubRunner: in a widget, story, event, etc.

5. The amount can be changed to any donation value you wish, eg, 5.00, 100.00, etc. But there must be a number at the end of this URL, otherwise Bambora will return an error. In the case where the you wish to allow any donation amount, enter 0.00 at the end of this URL to zero out the donation amount.

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