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Changeover Training Webinar FAQ

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Where can I register for the Changeover training webinars?

All upcoming webinars registration links  are available at

Will the Changeover training  webinars be recorded?

Yes, all Change Over training webinars will be recorded and available to watch at a later date. 

Where can I find the recorded change over training webinars?

You will be able to find the videos here inside our Knowledgebase, and also on the website.

Where can I download Zoom for my device?

You can download and install the Zoom software from

How can I make the video bigger when watching the Zoom webinar?

You can adjust your video display while watching meetings and webinars to your own preferences. For more assistance please see this article:

How can I troubleshoot audio issues with Zoom for my mobile device?

If you are on a mobile device and having issues hearing audio, please see this article:

Where can I go to find additional Zoom help?

If none of the links we provided were of assistance, please see the full Zoom support website at:

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