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How do I create a Custom Page?

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With the Custom Page Designer you can configure your layout and add customized content throughout the page. No special coding ability or skills are required.

1. To get started with the page designer, login to your administration account from your homepage.

2. Click on the Website tab.

3. Now, click on the Website Content link.  

4. Under the navigation menu on the left hand side, click Pages, and then Custom Pages

5. To create a new page, click on the Create New Page button. 

6. Next, you will need to enter the information and settings for your Custom Page. 

7. Name is the title of the page. The Permalink field is automatically generated based on the title, but can be edited. 

8. Custom Title (Optional) allows you to change the title of the page. This title is used for Google and other search engine searches and can be seen at the very top of the screen on the internet browser's tab.

9. Click Display on Home Page if you would like a link to the page to be immediately displayed on the Custom Page widget on the home page. This can be done later, if desired. 

10. Click on Content Template to change the template you wish to use. 

11. Access Level determines whether the page is visible to the public, or members only.

12. Enter the name of a member in the Owner field to set the creator of the page. 

13. Once you have entered these details, click Create to create the page, or Cancel to discard it. 

Using the Website Designer

1. Once your page has been created, you have the option to take a guided tour of the page creation process. Click on Start Tour at the top right of the page if you wish to do this. 

2. The Content Template button allows you to once again select the content template. Simply click on the template that you would like to use and then click on the Confirm button to enable it.

Adding Widgets

1. At the left side of the page you will see a selection of Widgets.  A Widget is an application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access information.

2. The Widgets are grouped within the headings. Simply click on the orange tabs to see the widgets available.

3. When you have the group selected and you see the list of widgets you can mouse over the widget to see a preview of what the widget would look like by clicking on the magnifying glass.

4. Once you have found the widget you are looking for, click and hold your mouse button over the widget and drag it in to position. Release the mouse button to finalize the position and drop the widget. Depending on where you drop the widget it will resize to the width of the column.

Custom Widgets (Page Specific)

1. To add a custom made widget, identify the section of the page where you wish to add a custom widget. 

2. Click on the Custom Widgets (Page Specific) tab on the left side of the screen.

3. You should see the first Widget in the group is called Page Specific Widget. Left click and drag the widget to the desired frame.

4. As soon as you drop the widget you will be taken to the Edit Custom Widget page. Here you can customize the widget to your liking.

Note: When giving the Custom Widget a title you should be aware that the Custom Widget will be added to the list of custom widgets based on the Title.

5. Save and Publish will save the new custom content and publish it. Save as Draft lets you save the widget in draft mode to make changes later.  When a bulletin widget is published, it appears blue.  In draft mode, it appears orange.

Widget Properties

1. Once you have moved a widget, you may customize four options within the widget.

2. Preview lets you see what the widget would look like if it was live on your bulletin.

3. Edit Content will take you to the area where you can edit the content within the widget.

4. Properties allows you to define the look of the widget. In here you can change the widget title, border colors, header colors, background colors, etc.

5. Click Remove to remove the widget from the page payout.

Organizing the Widgets 

1.  Left click and hold on a widget that you would like to move.

2. Now move the widget to the desired location in this case the middle frame.

3. Now release the left click and watch the widget drop in and resize automatically.

Publishing the Custom Page

1. Once you have made all of your changes to the Bulletin you MUST click on the Publish button to save the changes to the live site. Click on the Publish button found in the top right corner.

2. Next you will see a Confirmation message box popup. Click OK to continue or Cancel to abort.

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