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Donations module overview

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The ClubRunner donation module is a built-in module that will allow your organization to setup and configure an easy to use donation page on your ClubRunner website.

At the moment, the Donation module is compatible with the Bambora and Paya (formerly Sage) online payment accounts. If your organization's ClubRunner account is already setup and integrated with a Bambora or Paya/Sage account, you should be able to start configuring the module by following the steps provided here.

With the Donation module, an online donation page can now be easily setup and donations can be processed through the Club's ClubRunner website seamlessly with fully integrated payments. The module includes many great features such as the following:

  • Complete customization of donation amounts. Not only can preset donation amounts be customized and set but there is also an option to enable a free form amount to allow the user to enter the donation amount they want.

  • Customization of the confirmation email sent to the donor as well as the ability to customize who that email is sent from and where the replies to that email will go.

  • Fully integrated online payments which allows for reports of donations that have been completed as well as the ability to export this data in Excel format.

  • The system will build the donation page for you based on the settings that have been configured within the module ensuring that donations can start to be accepted quickly and easily through the organizations ClubRunner website.

The ClubRunner donation module makes it easy to not only create a donation page where website visitors can process donations but also allows for complete customization and configuration of the module in order to fit the needs of the organization! 


On Club websites, any member with an access level of 50 - Club Executive up to 30 - Site Administrator can access the Donations module. Learn more about Club Access Levels from this guide.

On the District websites, only District Administrators are able to access and manage the Donations module. Learn more about District Access Rights from this guide.

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