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How do I access my website's sitemap? - Knowledgebase / Website Guides / Website Settings - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

How do I access my website's sitemap?

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In Google and other search engine's advanced setup, you may be asked to provide a sitemap of your website.  You can access your website’s sitemap by visiting the following URL:

For websites which use a custom domain name instead of the generic ClubRunner address, you can access your sitemap by visiting:


Note that this is not a typical webpage to be viewed by the general public, but rather a special file used by search engines for SEO.  If you are unable to locate your website's sitemap please contact us.

For customers with multiple website languages, you can find secondary languages through their language code.

The language code is based on your account's website language and will be a 5 total characters. Here are some examples:

  • US English: en-us

  • Canadian English: en-ca

  • Swedish: sv-se

As an example, if your homepage URL is: and your account is using Canadian English as a secondary website language then the sitemap would be found at: 

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