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How do I download member data? (District)

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With ClubRunner, you have the ability to generate a document containing membership data. You can generate this spreadsheet according to the fields and filters you define, and save those parameters for the future. 

Note: To access Download Member Data on the District, the member must have Administrator or Download Member Data level access.
  1. To download member data, you must go to your District homepage and log in. Then, click on Member Area on the top right.

  2. Along the top of the screen you will see several tabs. Click on the Membership tab. 

  3. Now, click on Download Member Data.

  4. You are now on the Download Member Data Screen. Here, you can choose from a large number of variables to download. Click on the information fields you wish to extract in the download.

  5. Now, select the filters you would like to apply. You can select Active (Regular) Members, Active (Custom) Members, Honorary Members, Other Users and Inactive members.

    Note: Active (Custom) is for Clubs that have a custom member type with ClubRunner. Eg. Active - Satellite.

  6. You have the option to save the parameters of the search for use in the future. If you choose to do this, enter a name for the search in the field provided. 

  7. When you have finished, click Generate to create a CSV format file with the data you have requested. This format is compatible with most spreadsheet software. 

  8. The page will then refresh. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Download button beside generate to download the file.

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