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How do I get access to manage my club?

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On the District site, Club Executives gain access to edit executive, membership and club information once they are listed on the Club Executives and Directors List.

Make sure your Club Executives have access to make changes on the District site by reviewing the Club Executive List. You can review your clubs Executives and Directors list with the first five steps from this How do I add, edit or remove Executives or Directors guide on the Knowledgebase. 

After entering the Club Executives for the upcoming year, the Club Executives List should look similar to this:

I do not have access to edit these positions or the membership for my club

If you find you cannot make changes to the Club's Executive List or edit membership information on the District site, please contact your upcoming or past Club Executives or staff. With access from another year, they should be able to also add your information to the same list.

You can also contact your District Executives or staff to assist with adding your information to the Club Executives list for your Club.

When contacting the District Executives or staff, please feel free to share the  How do I Add, Edit, or Remove Executives on the District guide, so they may add you to the Club Executives and Directors list to begin editing your Club and membership information.

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