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How do I setup domain aliasing with my registrar? - Knowledgebase / Website Guides / Website Settings - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

How do I setup domain aliasing with my registrar?

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In order to ensure the domain name is correctly aliased to ClubRunner, the domain administrator will need to update some of the DNS records through the domain registrar. These changes are outlined in our Domain Aliasing with ClubRunner article.

Network Solutions

  1. Login to your Network Solutions account here 
  2. Select the “Domain Names” option on the left
  3. Near the top under the “Manage” section select the “Edit Advanced DNS Records” link
  4. Select the edit button for the type of record you want to edit (example: “Edit A Records” or “Edit CNAME Records”)
  5. Enter the “Host Name” or "Record Name" provided in our email/article into the “Alias” field
  6. Ensure the “Refers to Host Name” is not checked and check the “Other Host” option with the radio button to the left of the “Other Host” field.
  7. Enter the “Points to” value in our email/article into the “Other Host” field
  8. Scroll down and select the “Continue” button
  9. Verify the changes and select the “Save Changes” button

Please note that Network Solutions does not currently support domain level AAAA records. While the AAAA records are recommended, they are not required and the domain name should work fine without them as long as the other A records have been added.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Network Solutions support team here as they should be able to further assist you with making these changes.


When adding any A or AAAA type records for the root domain name (, the hostname value for these settings  should be entered as @ and not the domain name itself.

For more help with making changes through GoDaddy, please see the following articles.

GoDaddy's login screen:

To add 'CNAME' records into GoDaddy:

To add 'A' records into GoDaddy:

To add 'AAAA' records into GoDaddy:

if you need assistance, to contact GoDaddy Support:

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