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How do I use grab points?

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Grab points are used within various sections of ClubRunner so that you can choose to modify the position of different items such as documents stored within the Club's Private documents, or the order in which stories appear on the Home Page Stories widget.

Wherever you see the grab points next to an item, you are able to change the position and order of the items. In a list format, grab points appear as three dots to the left of the list item.

When using the website and bulletin live designers, grab points appear as six dots (2 by 3) in the top left corner while hovering your mouse cursor over a widget.

Note: Grab points may function differently depending on the area of ClubRunner you are in. For example, the order of Club Documents cannot be changed, but grab points can be used to move the documents in and out of folders.

  1. To use grab points, click and hold the dots next to the item you would like to move to select the item and move it up or down.

  2. After selecting the item, position the the item where you would like it to appear. The other items in the list will move around depending on where you are positioning the item. Positioning an item above another will cause the non-selected items to shift down, while positioning an item below them will cause them to shift upwards.

  3. After positioning the item where you would like it to be, you can release the left mouse button to drop the item where you have positioned it.

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