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Introduction to Attendance

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ClubRunner includes a reporting tool for clubs to report their monthly club attendance figures directly on the District website. These figures are compiled and can be accessed and updated by the District.

Note: In order to view and input attendance for their own Club, they must be assigned to a Club Executive position, as defined by the District.

If another member of the club is responsible for the Club's attendance, and is not a Club Executive, they can be assigned as the Attendance Manager.

The main attendance console lets you know at a glance when the last reported month was for each club. An email reminder can be sent to the club with the click of a mouse. The main console will also tell you when the last reminder was sent out.

Each club must have a designed attendance contact, called the Attendance Manager. This is defaulted to the club secretary, but can be changed to any member of the club. The Attendance Manager would receive all reminders related to attendance.

All clubs have access to their own attendance reporting. If a club has their own ClubRunner site, they can report attendance directly through their club site. For help on this, please consult the Online Help on the club website.

If you are a defined club executive please read on:
Report Your Monthly Attendance at District Site

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