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Introduction to RI Integration

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Feature Description

This new feature tracks and reports membership data changes to Rotary International. Note that this feature will only reflect member data changes made after the release date of August 8, 2008.

There are 4 types of data changes that are required to be reported to RI:

  • New Members
  • Member Terminations along with Reason for Termination
  • Member Change of Home Address
  • Member Name Changes

ClubRunner reports much more than what is required. To learn more about what is reported, please read the article titled: Supported Types of Changes.

How It Works

As member changes are made by the District or Club staff via the District website, as well as changes made via the Clubs' ClubRunner websites, RI's database is updated automatically within seconds with the changes. If it does not update within seconds, an email will be sent to RI automatically to inform them of the changes and will be updated when RI completes the changes, which could take several days.

To see the RI integration history please use the RI Integration Updates Archive. To learn more about it please click on the following links:

For Club's with ClubRunner - How to use the RI Integration Updates Archive

For Club's with out ClubRunner - How to use the RI Integration Updates Archive on the District

For District Officers - How to use the RI Integration Updates Archive (District)

Note: Rotary International requires that every member or individual Club make use of a unique email address. This means that (for example) married members cannot make use of a single email account for the purposes of database integration.
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