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Invoices and membership updates

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Rotary International invoices clubs for membership dues twice a year, in January and July. The invoice totals are based on club membership as of the first of the month, so you must make sure to enter any changes in membership no later than June 30th and December 31st Chicago Time. This means it is very important to maintain an accurate membership list to ensure your club is invoiced the correct amount. Rotary International (RI) requires that clubs update their membership numbers to reflect any changes within 30 days of a change, or by January 1 and July 1 if you are within 30 days of those dates.

If you do not have Rotary Integration turned on, you can check and update your membership manually by logging in to your RI Club Administration Page, located here.  If your ClubRunner site has Rotary Integration turned on, membership changes are automatically forwarded to RI.

Note: Even if you have Integration activated, verifying your membership on RI is still important, as some changes may take a few days to update at the RI website, or not be supported.

To ensure accuracy, check that your membership list matches the membership list at the RI website before the invoice deadline. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Check your membership data at your club site by following the steps outlined in this article. 

  2. Next, log into your RI Club Administration page here. From there, you can check your membership data.

  3. Ensure that member numbers, emails, and club officers and positions match the information on your ClubRunner site. Make any necessary changes, if any. Most importantly, ensure that the total active member count is accurate, as that is what you will be billed for, and no changes can be accommodated after the deadline.

  4. For more information about membership information and club invoices, click here. 

Note: If there are any problems or questions about this process that are not directly related to ClubRunner technical support, please submit those inquiries to
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