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Third party scam emails

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We have had reports from our customers that they have been receiving emails with false information related to their domain expirations along with links to order forms to renew them.  These emails are sent from scam operators who copy and paste ClubRunner information into their emails requesting you to renew your domain name by pointing you to a credit card payment link.

Please be advised that all official ClubRunner emails related to your domain or account billing originate from the following email addresses only: and and

Additionally, emails sent from ClubRunner will always include a “Trusted Email from ClubRunner” badge in the footer, and the reason why you are receiving the email. We also will always include your Customer ID number along with the name of your Rotary Club or District when notifying you about your domain name expiration.

Also be advised that if you are paying for you domain renewal through credit card, ClubRunner’s online payment URLs appear in the following format only:[YourAccountId]/AccountOnlinePayment/Add OR


If you ever receive an email or an invoice about your ClubRunner account or domain name that feels suspicious, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.  We would be happy to verify any correspondence you’ve been receiving from us.

On our end we have taken steps to prevent third parties from being able to act as if they are affiliated with ClubRunner. On your end, we recommend that you exercise caution if you receive correspondence you are not 100% sure is from our team. 

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