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Using copyrighted text, images and videos on your website

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While it's easier than ever to find images/videos/content from other websites, please be aware that your Club can be held accountable for using such material without permission. This article discusses some "do's" and "dont's" of using material you find on the web.


  • Always verify and check to make sure you have permission to use any piece of content (video, text, image, etc) before you use it on your site. Look for something typically referred to as "Terms of Use".

  • You may message the author of the content and ask permission to use their work on your website. Authors will usually leave their contact information on the website they post their work to.

There are several websites that offer Royalty free images to be used free on any website, e.g.,

For our Rotary Customers, please feel free to use the rotary Brand Center:

or the Rotary Images site:

Feel free to link to any other page or website. Unless specified, almost all websites (, online charities, even news sites like CNN.COM) have no issue if you add a direct link/URL from your ClubRunner site to their own site.

Feel free to link or even embed any YouTube video.  YouTube themselves take down videos which violate copyright law, so generally it's alright to link to YouTube videos.


  • Copy/paste images (or even text) that is not yours, or that you found on a third-party website using a quick Google search.  Those third-party websites may ask you to take that content down, and even pursue litigation if you do not.

  • Assume an image someone sent you over email is royalty free (unless the person took the picture themselves). If you're not certain - respond to the email and ask if it's okay to post the images.

The most basic rule is: if you're not certain about copyright, ask the author of the text, image or video if possible.

If you're not certain how to do this feel free to contact us, we'd be happy to ensure your website is following proper copyright regulations.

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