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What are Maintenance/Service Updates?

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We are constantly working on improving the ClubRunner service, and also incorporating feedback from our valued customers. It is our goal to try and incorporate as  many suggestions and feature requests as we can from our customer wishlist.

ClubRunner has a bi-weekly software release cycle, which is conducted every two weeks on Thursday mornings, between 9:00 am to 11:00 am EST (Toronto, ON Canada Time). These changes will reflect immediately on your website and does not require any action on your part, unless otherwise indicated.

During the service update window you may either find ClubRunner to be unavailable at certain times or the speed of the system to be slow. This is temporary and will only last until the update is completed.

Why do you do software updates on a weekday morning?

ClubRunner experiences its peak usage times on weekends and weekday evenings. Performing our biweekly update on alternate Thursday mornings is a solution that impacts the smallest number of clients, while also ensuring we have a full complement of staff on hand to ensure a smooth update.  The updates are generally complete within one hour and take place at a regularly scheduled time.

Why can’t you hire people to work overnight?

Scheduling updates in the very late evening or early morning hours would require an impractical adjustment of staff schedules, or the costly addition of dedicated staff working shifts outside ordinary work hours.  The added cost of these changes would ultimately be passed to our clients, something we don’t wish to do.

Can’t you do upgrades without impacting my site access?

ClubRunner is well on the way to achieving our goal of zero downtime for software updates.  As more functions are updated, our cloud service will allow for system upgrades without any impact on your site. This is something we hope to achieve soon and each software update brings us one step closer to this goal. 

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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