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What merge fields are available for emails? - Knowledgebase / Club Help / Club - Members' Guide / Communication - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

What merge fields are available for emails?

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When creating an email from the Communication module, Event Planner events, or Volunteer Signup lists, you can enter merge fields by using the Templates and Merge Fields box, to add Recipient, Sender or Account Merge fields into the email.

Click the Add button after selecting the merge field from the Recipient, Sender or Account drop-down menu, to add the appropriate merge field code into the email content.

In addition to using the Templates and Merge Fields box above the emails, you can copy the following merge field codes into your email, to automatically enter the club or District account information, sender information and recipient information into the email:

Account Merge Fields
Email Content Text
Account Full Name (Club Information)
Account Short Name (Club Information)
Account Homepage URL
Account Full Address (Club Mailing Address) 
Account Country
Account Address Line 1
Account Address Line 2
Account Address Line 3
Account City
Account State or Province
Account Zip or Postal Code
Account Dark Logo (Large)
Account Dark Logo (Small)
Account Light Logo (Large)
Account Light Logo (Small)

Sender Merge Fields
Email Content Text
Sender First Name
Sender Nick Name
Sender Middle Name
Sender Last Name
Sender Account Short Name
Sender Account Full Name

Recipient Merge FieldsEmail Content Text
Recipient Title
Recipient First Name
Recipient Nick Name
Recipient Middle Name
Recipient Last Name
$SUFFIX$Recipient Suffix
Recipient Member ID (Members Only)
Recipient Member ID (Members Only)
Recipient Club Short Name (Members Only)
Recipient District Name (Members Only)
Recipient Spouse First Name (Members Only)
Recipient Spouse Nick Name (Members Only)
Recipient Spouse Last Name (Members Only)

In addition to the Account, Sender and Recipient merge fields above, you can use Event specific merge fields for emails for Event Planner or MyEventRunner events, to include the event name, and event contact information, in addition to the event location and registration link.

Copy the merge fields below into your Event Planner, or MyEventRunner emails, to include information about the event in the email to the recipients:

Event Merge Fields
Email Content Text
Event Name
$EVENT_START_DATE$Event Start Date
Event End Date
Event Start Time
Event End Time
Event Location Address
Event Detail Text
Event Registration Fee
Event Registration Link
Event Registration URL
Event Decline Registration Link
Event Decline Registration URL
View Map Link (Google Maps)
Event Chair Full Name

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