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Will ClubRunner sponsor my club or district?

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Unfortunately, we regret we cannot offer our sponsorship to initiatives sponsored by a given club or district.

This policy is a necessity given the global nature of Rotary International and our customers. ClubRunner receives a number of sponsorship requests every year. Without exception, these requests are for worthwhile efforts.  Simply selecting one cause over another on their merits alone would present a huge challenge.

We must also consider Rotary International’s Guiding Principles and the Four-Way Test.

ClubRunner relies on the support of clubs across the world. By choosing one club or district to support over another, we put ourselves in the position of effectively taking money from one group of Rotarians to assist another group of Rotarians. In doing so, we would fail to adhere to the “Is it FAIR to all concerned?” tenet of the Four-Way Test.

Instead, we work hard to help your local efforts by constantly upgrading ClubRunner’s functions and providing first-class support to help you get the most from ClubRunner. The more functionality we offer, the more we enable you to make the world a better place.


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