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Apr 20 2021

Australian domain phishing alert from .auDA

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On April 20th 2021, the Australian .au Domain Administration (.auDA) has put out an alert in regards to phishing email attempts that have recently been sent out to some .au domain name registrants.

These phishing emails are sent by individuals acting as .auDA employees and are requesting copies of various different forms of identification documents or contact information. Official requests for this information will come from your domain registrar, rather from .auDA directly. Additionally,  any emails from ClubRunner will always end with

To find more information regarding this alert, please see the official announcement on the .auDA website:

Please note that emails sent to domains currently registered with ClubRunner will be directed to our ClubRunner support team, however if you believe you may have received one of these emails, do not click on any links, or provide any personal information. 

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