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Mar 5 2021

ClubRunner March, April and May 2021 Webinars

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We’re happy to announce webinar signups are now available for our March, April and May webinars. Details for each webinar and registration links are available below, register now!

March 10 2021 3:00pm (NAEST) - Website Content Management

In this session learn how you can manage website content for your club!

  • Create, edit, and publish stories, news and links
  • Create, edit, and manage photo albums
  • Add private club documents and public download files
  • Add speakers and upcoming events to the calendar (does not cover event registration and volunteer management)
  • Tips and tricks such as inserting large photos and YouTube videos

Duration: 45 Minutes

Register for Website Contents

March 24 2021 3:00pm (NAEST)  - ClubRunner 101

Learn about all the features ClubRunner has to offer and how you can:

  • Manage a website without any technical expertise
  • Secure and personalize email communications
  • Create and manage club events and fund-raising activities
  • Post and access valuable club information and documents
  • Generate various club reports
  • Track bills and create invoices

Duration: 30 Minutes

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March 17 2021 3:00pm (NAEST) - Events & Volunteer Management

Learn how to post, promote and manage events and volunteers! In this webinar we'll cover how to:

  • Set up online registrations
  • Set up volunteer sign up and task lists
  • Track volunteer signups and event registrations
  • Create Email notifications and invitations
  • ...and the difference between the Basic Volunteers vs. Enhanced Volunteers features

Duration: 30 Minutes

Register for Events & Volunteer Management

April 07 2021 3:00pm (NAEST)  - ClubRunner Essentials Training

Learn the basics and fundamentals of ClubRunner for your club including:

  • How to login
  • How to send an email to your members
  • How to view club reports
  • Also includes a quick overview of the major components offered with ClubRunner

Duration: 60 Minutes

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April 14 2021 3:00pm (NAEST)  - Dues and Billing

In this 30 minute session geared towards club treasurers, this overview will cover how to:

  • Manage and track member dues
  • Manage funds and create invoices
  • Collect online payments with the Online Payment and eCommerce module
  • Track various payments and apply credits and debits to member accounts

Duration: 30 Minutes

Register for Dues & Billing

April 21 2021  3:00pm (NAEST) -  Club Attendance Management

Geared toward club secretaries, this overview will cover how to:

  • Track and manage your club's meeting attendance
  • Assign make-ups to meetings or bank the make-up for later use
  • Track guests and meeting speakers
  • Generate attendance reports
  • Report records to the District
  • and more

Duration: 30 Minutes

Register for Club Attendance Management

April 28 2021 3:00pm (NAEST)  - Bulletin Live Designer

Learn how to build beautiful Bulletins using the Bulletin Live Designer.

  • Format and prepare your bulletin to send to all members and friends
  • Customize and design your bulletin using the new Bulletin Live Designer
  • Create and edit stories for your bulletin
  • And much more!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Register for Bulletin Live Designer

April 29 2021 3:00pm (NAEST)  - Membership Management & Rotary International Integration

Learn how this exciting database integration feature will automate member updates between your ClubRunner database and RI's MyRotary Portal, while maintaining full control and privacy to Rotary Clubs and Districts.

Plus, an overview on how to:

  • Edit and maintain the member directory
  • Report membership changes to districts and Rotary International
  • Edit executives and directors
  • Set up tasks for new member orientations

Duration: 45 Minutes

Register for Membership Management & Rotary International Integration

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