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Grants workflow overview and description

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There are different workflow steps that a Grant takes after being submitted. The first step of the Grant Application workflow begins with Submit Grant Request which is typically a short overview of the Grant submitted by the club. Here are the list of subsequent steps with a brief description:

  • Initial Request Submitted - The initial request has been submitted by the club, but the full application has not yet been completed. The club submits a simple form indicating the nature of the project in brief, and once the District Grants committee sends it back to the club for further information, the club would then go ahead and fill in the entire application.
  • Under Review - The District has received the initial request and is currently reviewing the grant request. This status is automatically updated as soon as a member of the committee opens the request.
  • Awaiting Further Information - The district or club is requesting further information about the Grant request. This normally follows the initial request being submitted and may be repeated several times if inadequate information was supplied. 
  • More Information Provided - The club's Trained Members, Club Executives, or Grants Users have entered more information for the grant request. During the information gathering stage, the grant application will typically go back and forth from "Awaiting Further Information" to "More Information Provided", until a decision is made by the District Grants team.
  • Approved - The grant application has been approved by the district.
  • Rejected - The grant application has been rejected by the district. Comments can be made at the time of rejection to explain reasoning.
  • Completed and Closed - The project has been completed and this grant is considered closed.
  • Adjustment Requested - The club is requesting an adjustment to the grant amount requested.
  • Cancelled - The grant application has been cancelled by either the club or the district. This status is available should the club change its mind, or in case the grant was submitted in error. Note that the club can only cancel a grant request if it is still under the status "Initial Request Submitted". The district can cancel the grant on behalf of the club at any stage.
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