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How do I add Facebook plugin to the homepage or custom page? - Knowledgebase / Website Guides / Website Widgets - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

How do I add Facebook plugin to the homepage or custom page?

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We've now made it as easy as possible to share your organization's Facebook page via the Facebook Page Plugin.

The Facebook Plugin widget will automatically post updates and notices made on the Club's Facebook page and make them available on the page with the Plugin. 

Note: This widget is only for Facebook Pages. Facebook Groups do not work with Facebook's page plugin.

While designing the Club Home page or custom page,  the 'Facebook Plugin Widget' can be dropped onto the page from the 'Bulletin & PR' widget grouping in the designer.

When set with its custom properties, the plugin will work to show the Club's total Facebook likes, profile banner, and recent stories and pictures if enabled.

For more information on how to add this widget to a Custom page, please see the below steps:

  1. Navigate to your Club website. Then click 'Member Login' at the top right.

  2. After logging in click the 'Member Area' link in the top right of the organization home page.

  3. Inside the member area, click ‘Website' in the top blue bar.

  4. Next, choose where to add the Facebook Plugin Widget:

    • For the Club Home Page: click 'Home Page Designer' in the grey bar below.

    • For a new Custom page: in the grey bar below click, 'Create New Page' in the grey bar below. Then, in the Select Template page, select a template, and click the orange 'Next' button in the top right of the Template library.

    • For an existing Custom page: click 'Custom Page Library' in the grey bar below, then while viewing the library in 'Grid' view, hover over the existing custom page and click 'Open' to edit the page.

  5. Once in the designer for the page selected in step 4, open the 'Bulletin & PR' widget grouping in the 'Content' section of the page designer.

  6. Then, in the 'Bulletin & PR' grouping click-and-drag the 'Facebook Page Plugin' widget into place. Let go of the primary mouse button to 'drop' the widget.

    Note: The widget can be dropped above or below any existing widget on the page. A green-shaded 'Drop Here' box will appear, displaying where the widget will drop to.

  7. With the widget on the page, hover over the widget and click the 'Gear' icon to set the properties

  8. A dialog box will appear with the title 'Properties for Facebook Page Plugin'. At the top of the dialog box you will see some generic widget properties such as Padding, Border styles and settings.

    To configure the Facebook widget, scroll to the bottom of the dialog.

  9. At the bottom of the dialog, the 'Header Properties' of section can be set to title the widget as well as provide background colour and a 'Hide' option.

  10. Configure the plugin by copying and pasting the Club's Facebook homepage URL. For our example in this guide, the full address is ''

  11. Set the display options for the plugin. See details below for each option in the Facebook Plugin Settings:

    • Facebook URL: Enter the Club's Facebook homepage URL to configure the Plugin
    • Show Timeline Tab: Display the Facebook 'Timeline' information in a tab on the Plugin
    • Show Events Tab: Display the Facebook 'Event' information in a tab on the Plugin
    • Show Message Tab: Display the Facebook 'Messages' information in a tab on the Plugin
    • Plugin Height: Set the Plugin Height in pixels. Leave this field empty to allow the Plugin to manage the Banner image size
    • Use Small Header: Uses the 'Small Header' version of the Plugin
    • Hide Cover Photo: Hides the Facebook Banner or Profile picture for the Page
    • Show Friends Faces: Displays the list of Friends and their profile pictures within the Plugin
  12. With the Widget Properties set, click the orange 'Save' button to save the widget settings.

  13. 13. With the Facebook Plugin set, review the Custom page or Homepage, then click the 'Publish' button to publish the Facebook Plugin and any changes.

    This will publish the page with the Facebook plugin so viewers and members can view, like and share the Club's Facebook page.

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