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How do I define volunteer notification settings?

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An Enhanced feature, Notification Settings allows you to define which templates to be used when sending Emails. The options are:

  • Send Email to Confirm Volunteer Signup
  • Send email To Confirm cancellation of Booking.

Below are the steps to indicate which email template to use:

  1. Click Member Login at the top right of your Club's webpage.

  2. Enter your login details, and then click Member Area at the top right.

  3. You will see a number of tabs along the top. Click on Volunteers.

  4. Click on Email Templates.

  5. Under the Settings & Customization section on the left side click on the Notification Settings link.

  6. First choose if you want to link to a System Email Template or a Custom Email Template.

    Note: Applies to both Volunteer Signup and Cancellation of Book

  7. Then select the appropriate email template from the list of templates next to it.

  8. Once a template has been selected click on the Save (button) to save the changes.

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