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How do I edit the email templates?

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Your club has the ability to edit and even create new email templates, these are the automated emails that get sent out of the Membership Success module.

To edit or create new email templates:

  1. Login to your club's Member Area.

  2. In the Member Area click Membership Success in the top blue bar.

  3. In the grey bar bar below click Overview.

  4. Down the left side click Email Templates.

    Email templates-1.jpg

  5. You are now on the screen that lists all email templates found within Membership Success.

    1. The Name is what the email template is called.

    2. The Subject is what will be put into the email’s subject field.

    3. If you see the blue word System beside a template, this means this is a template generated by ClubRunner. You cannot delete system templates, but you can edit and copy them.

    4. All other templates are custom email templates created by you and your club members.

  6. Click the orange Add New Template button to create a brand new email template.

    1. If you’re not familiar with creating email templates please see this Help article.

    2. Click the orange Save button near the bottom right when you’ve finished creating this new template.

  7. Or, click the ‘down arrow’ icon beside any existing template to see further options.

    Email templates-2.jpg

  8. These options are:

    1. Preview: a quick preview of this template

    2. Edit: edit this template

    3. Copy: make a copy of this template

    4. Delete: delete this template, this option is not available for system templates

To connect these templates to an outgoing email please view our What are Automation tasks? Help article.

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