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How do I edit the Recipient Profiles?

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The Recipient profile is a “Reply to” name and email address you can setup. When the prospect replies to the email it will go back to this contact. The typical “Reply to” person in this case may your Membership Chair, but it doesn’t have to be.

To set this up:

  1. Login to your club's Member Area.

  2. In the Member Area click Membership Success in the top blue bar.

  3. In the grey bar bar below click Overview.

  4. Down the left side click Recipient Profiles.

  5. Click the ‘down arrow’ icon to the right of any Recipient profile, then click View.


  6. Click the Edit button to edit this Recipient profile. You can add in a short description, this is only shown inside the module and is not seen by non-members or prospects.

  7. If you check “Set as Default” this Recipient profile becomes the default sender for all emails going out of the Membership Success module.


  8. Click Save to save changes, then Go Back to return to the previous screen.

  9. You’ll now be able to select these Recipient Profiles when sending out emails.

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