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How do I edit the Sender Profiles?

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The “Sender Profile” is the person who is sending emails to the prospect, in other words the “from” email address appearing in the prospect’s inbox. You can setup multiple sender profiles and choose a “default” sender. You can also set a “Sender” but then set a different “Reply to” address. As an example the email might be sent with the club president’s name, but all replies will get directed to the club secretary or membership chair.

To set this up:

  1. Login to your club's Member Area.

  2. In the Member Area click Membership Success in the top blue bar.

  3. In the grey bar bar below click Overview.

  4. Down the left side click Sender Profiles.

  5. Click the ‘down arrow’ icon to the right of any Sender Profile, then click View.


  6. Click the Edit button to edit this Sender profile.

  7. You can update the information here. You can also choose to make the reply-to a different person than the sender. From our example you may wish to make emails come from the club president, but when the recipient replies it will go to the club secretary.

  8. If you check “Set as Default” this Sender profile becomes the default sender for all emails going out of the Membership Success module.


  9. Click Save to save changes, then Go Back to return to the previous screen.

  10. You’ll now be able to select these Sender Profiles when sending out emails.

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