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How do I send a bulletin?

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Bulletins are newsletters that can be sent to your members, other users, friends and online subscribers. These Bulletins can be sent using multiple Recipient Groups, each with a different sub-groups to choose from.

  1. In order to Send a bulletin, you must login to your club's webpage and then access the Member Area.

  2. Click on the Bulletin tab, and then on the Manage Bulletins link.

  3. Click on the Send Bulletins button found on the left side, under the eBulletin 3.0 header.

  4. You are now on the Send a Bulletin page. Click on the Select Bulletin drop-down menu and select the published bulletin you would like to send. Once the bulletin is selected, enter the bulletin subject line in the Email Subject window.

  5. Next, you can Select the Recipients. Click the check box next to the category name to select all the members that belong to that category. You can also click on the category name to expand it and choose the sub-groups in the category.

  6. Furthermore, you can click on the Expand link to open the Member List window where you can search and select individual recipients.

  7. Next, you need to schedule your bulletin. You have the option to send your bulletin immediately or to schedule it to be sent at a later time. By default, the option Send right now is set by the system

  8. To schedule your bulletin, simply click the Schedule radio button to choose the date and time when to send your bulletin:

    Note: Some widgets need to update on a daily basis to show the most current information. During this update if the bulletin is sent out it may not show the latest information. If the scheduled time falls within one of our update periods a warning message will be displayed under the scheduled date and time indicating that you may want to avoid that date and time.

  9. By default the Copy me on this bulletin is checked. If you do not want to receive the bulletin, uncheck this. Before sending your bulletin to the members, you can send a proof email to yourself to verify the bulletin content and design works for you and if not, make changes if necessary. Simply click the Send to Myself button to receive the preview version in your inbox. Once you are ready to send the live bulletin, click the Send button. Click Cancel if you do not wish to send the bulletin.

  10. Just before sending out the bulletin you can check the option on step 4 to automatically archive the bulletin after sending it. This will help you stay organized and manage your active bulletins more effectively.

  11.  After you click Send you will see a preview of the bulletin that will be sent. If you need to make any changes or if the bulletin is blank and needs to be published you can click Cancel then click Edit Bulletins found on the left side and click editon the bulletin you would like to edit. Please click the orange Publish Bulletin button once you are done making changes.

Note: If the bulletin is scheduled to be sent at a later time, the bulletin will still be archived after clicking the send button.
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