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How do I setup bulletin greetings?

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Bulletin Greetings are used for defining the message at the top of a sent Bulletin. They can be customized to relay the message that you want to display.

Location of the Bulletin Greeting Messages

  1.  Login to your ClubRunner site.

  2. Under the Club eBulletin section click on the Create Bulletin link

  3. Now click on the Edit Bulletins button.

  4. Under the Edit Bulletins section click on the Bulletin Greetings link.

How to Create a New Greeting Message

  1. Click on the Add button found in the top right corner.

  2. Enter a Title for the Greeting Message. This message will not be displayed in the bulletin. 

  3. Now create the default message using the editor.

  4. Feel free to use the Message Merge fields to replace static information. For Example: In the Recipient group select the Recipient First Name to have the system automatically populate with the members first name.

  5. Once you have the message formulated click on the Save button found in the bottom right corner.

Selecting the Default Message:

  1. Once on the Manage Bulletin Greeting Messages screen you will see all of your created Greetings listed. Find the Greeting that you would like to make default and under the Actions column click on the Make Default link.

  2. You should see the Default column checkbox switch to the Greeting that you selected.

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