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How do I upload the Menu Home Icon?

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The Menu Home Icon is used in ClubRunner's Next Gen Themes. To learn more about Next Gen Themes, please click here.

The Club can upload two different home icons for use across the various different Next Gen Themes. Depending on whether a light or dark theme is selected, the corresponding icons will be used.

The light menu logo will be displayed when using a website theme with a light menu, and the dark menu logo will be displayed when using a website theme with a dark menu.

How Do I Upload a Menu Home Icon?

  1. To upload a menu home icon, you must first login to your website by clicking on Member Login near the top right of the homepage.

  2. After you login, click on Member Area near the top right.

  3. In the blue navigation bar at the top of the member area, click on Website, then click on Website Settings in the gray bar immediately below.

  4. Under the Graphics section of the settings page, click on Upload Menu Home Icon.

  5. You will now be on the Update Menu Logo page where you are able to upload Menu Logo's for Light and Dark website themes, as well as customize the logo text.

  1. The green active banner will be displayed on the logo that will be used for the website's currently selected theme.

  1. To upload a new menu logo, hover over the image preview box for the corresponding logo you wish to upload, and click Edit Image.

  1. In the window that appears, select the image file for the logo you wish to upload, and click Open


Note: Supported file types are PNG, JPG and GIF. We recommend using a high-quality 24-bit PNG image as the menu logo, instead of a JPEG or GIF. The image dimensions for the Millennium, Midcentury, and Community themes are 150px by 65px. The dimensions for the Vision theme is 200px wide. If your image is not these dimensions it will resize automatically. 

  1. Once the image has been uploaded, you can choose to customize the Logo Text. This will appear next to your logo on the homepage.

  1. After making your desired changes, click on the orange Publish Menu button to save your changes and and publish them to your live website.


Note: When you click Publish Menu, it will also publish your website's menu too, if any changes were not published yet.

  1. After making these changes this will update your Menu Home Icon and Text, you should notice the updated icon at the top of your home page shortly.

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