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How do I view the registration report? - Knowledgebase / MyEventRunner / Reports - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

How do I view the registration report?

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Registrations - View Registrations

After you click on the View Registrations link the registrations list will display. This section is used as an overview of all registrants; within this section the following options can be customized to better organize a complete report. The registrations are color coded based on if the attendee has paid, has a balance owing, has a credit, or was canceled.

Note: If a member or public tries to register for the event with an invalid credit card number, it will save the registration with no payment. The person will display as balance owing.

Search: Allows the Event organizer to search the list of registered individuals by First name, Last name or Registration number.

Filter Results: This function provides a list of registrants based on whether there status is Paid or Unpaid.

  • Remind All: This will send an email to all members that are undecided for the event.

  • Export to Excel: This option will load all Registrant data within the page to an Excel Spreadsheet. Basic has limited information. Full has all of the information.  

  • Reminder: This option will send a statement of the balance owing to Attendees email address.
  • Open: This link will lead to an overview page of the Attendees information. Within this section the Event Organizer can make changes to the information made by Attendee.
  • Delete: Selecting this option will remove the user registration from the system.
Note: The balance owing must be the whole amount or the Delete link will be disabled! If the attendee made a partial or full payment then they will need to be refunded before there registration could be deleted.

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