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How to accept a different currency for a Cloud Event - Knowledgebase / Cloud Events - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

How to accept a different currency for a Cloud Event

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Changing an event’s currency


An event’s selected currency can only be changed if there are no existing registrations.

  1. To access Cloud Events, you must go to your website’s homepage and log in. For more information on how to login, click here.

  2. After logging in and navigation to the Member Area, you will see several tabs along the top of the screen. Click on the Events tab, and then click on Cloud Events.

  3. Click the Manage button for the event you would like to edit the settings for.

  4. Near the top right, click on the Setup button.

  5. Next, click on the Settings button in the blue menu.

  6. Under the Currency section, click on the Edit button.

  7. The Update Currency window will appear. Select the Event currency you would like to use for your event.

    • Account currency - The default currency for your account.

    • Event currency - The currency you would like to accept payments with for your event.

  8. Once the currency has been selected, you may create, or choose an existing Spot Rate. The spot rate stores details about the currencies and their coefficient, which can be saved and used for future events.

    • Source currency - The account’s currency. This amount will be shown on pages like the Order list page, Invoice list page, and other areas.

    • Destination currency - The currency taken. This would be the type of currency charged to the registrant’s credit card.

    • Coefficient - The exchange rate used to display the converted amount of the Source Currency.

    • Date - The date the Spot Rate was created.

  9. After the spot rate has been selected, or a new rate has been configured, click on the Save button.

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