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Membership Success Overview

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The ClubRunner Membership Success module is a prospective member recruitment tool built directly into your club’s website. With this module you can ask prospective members to fill out a form directly on your club site, this prospective data will be saved directly into your site, and then you can choose how and when to engage prospective members. There is even an online form to allow current club members to refer prospective members.

Note: There is no District version of Membership Success at this time.

A prospect is a potential new member who has either just applied, or been referred to the club by another member.

Once a prospect fills out an online form, they receive both automated emails sent by our system, as well as manual emails sent by your club’s membership recruitment team.

Prospects receive emails and move through a set of various stages that will eventually end up with the prospect either joining the club, or otherwise declining. If the prospect joins you can use the data already stored inside the Membership Success module to convert them into an Active member of your club.


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