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MyEventRunner - how to provide credit card refunds

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This article will go over how to issue credit card refunds to your registrants using MyEventRunner (MER) only.

Please note: this method will only work inside MER. This method will not work if using Event Planner, for Event Planner you'll need to contact your payment provider to issue refunds.

1. Login to your website and edit the appropriate event in MER.

2. Down the left side click "View Registrations".

3. Click "Open" beside any registrant that has paid.

4. Scroll down to the "Payment History" section. Beside "Online Payment" click the "Refund" button.

5. You'll be prompted with the amount.  If you wish you could do a partial refund, e.g., refund 50% of the amount, instead of the full amount.

6. Click the "Refund" button, this will reverse charge the registrant's credit card with the amount indicated.

Please note that even if you refund a registrant, our Sales team will still charge the $1 per registration fee if an MER "Pro" event is setup. A refund is still technically a completed registration.

Please note: If the event has passed and is more than 6 months old, you will no longer be able to issue refunds inside MyEventRunner. You may need to speak with your payment provider if a refund is required for older events from the past.
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