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Step 4: Integrating With Rotary International - Knowledgebase / ClubRunner FAQ / New Subscribers Guide - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

Step 4: Integrating With Rotary International

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In this step, we'll learn about how your club website can be synchronized and integrated with Rotary International. 

Integrating your database 
Once your membership records are fully uploaded to ClubRunner and you have checked their accuracy, you can choose to integrate your database with Rotary International. Once integration is activated, changes to contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and emails are synchronized automatically with Rotary’s Headquarter databases. Similarly, new member additions and terminations also trigger automatic notification to Rotary International so that they effect those changes immediately. The process requires a double opt in to activate, once at the Rotary International site, and once at your ClubRunner site. 

Opt in at Rotary International
Your club president, secretary, or executive director must opt in to integration at the Rotary International member access portal.

Opt in at your ClubRunner site
Any club executive or site administrator can switch on the integration at your ClubRunner site.

Privacy Settings
You have full control over the information your club passes on to Rotary International. For example, if you don’t want your members’ home addresses to appear in the Rotary International database, you can control this by setting your club’s privacy levels. Individual members can also choose to hide any information fields they do not wish to share with the international organization.

For more information about integration with Rotary International, you can visit their help page, or check out the ClubRunner's own documentation. These links open new windows.

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