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Step 6: Launching your new site - Knowledgebase / ClubRunner FAQ / New Subscribers Guide - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

Step 6: Launching your new site

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Now that you have set up your site with contents and updated all your membership information, you can launch the site. Your members can then login and help your club site achieve its full potential. There are a number of ways to get the word out.

Email all members with a link 
If all the member contacts have been uploaded, you can use the “Email Message Center” to send out a broadcast email to all members introducing the site and attaching the Member Cheat Sheet, a one page guide on how to request their password and login. The Member Cheat Sheet was provided to you when you first started. A generic version is available for download by clicking here. This link opens a new window.

Do a presentation at a club meeting 
If you have Internet access and a projector available at your meeting venue, we recommend doing a demonstration of the new site as a club program. Since this is an overview, and not all features are relevant to club members, we have a recommended agenda for a 20-minute presentation available to our members. This link opens in a new window.

Follow up with reminders 
Bring up the site during the course of regular club activities and announcements, to remind members of how they can use it. For example, when announcing an upcoming event, remind them that details can be found within the calendar of the website. Ask each member to login and edit their profile, and perhaps ask them to update a certain field or add their photo. Follow up with members who have not yet done so.

Send an Active Member Update Request 
ClubRunner’s “Active Member Update Request” feature shows you when the member profiles were last updated, and by whom. You can also send an update request to all or selected members, which sends an email containing their contact information and asking them to login to make any changes. This is a good way to encourage members to login to the site, and we recommend sending a reminder regularly, perhaps on an annual basis.

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