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Volunteer Hour Tracking

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With the volunteer hour tracking module, you can now record and track your club's volunteer commitments and hours. This allows you to get detailed metrics of your individual members' volunteer contributions as well as those made by your club as a whole. There are two reports included with this module, a detailed individual report for specific members, and a broader overall club report.

To access these reports, click Volunteers in the top blue bar, and then click Club Hours Report or Members Hours Report to access the reports.

Member Hours Report

The Member Hours report targets specific members of the club and displays all contributions made towards various volunteer opportunities organized by your club within a specified date range. This report allows you to retrieve specific details about when the contribution was made, as well as any notes/comments regarding the related event. This data is automatically generated and updated whenever a member signs up for a volunteer opportunity. Individual records can also be created and edited to more accurately represent the member's commitment. You can use the filter option on the report to include all signup lists, only Signup lists that have records, or an individual signup list.

Club Hours Report

The Club Hours report functions similarly to the individual report but offers an overall view of the total contributions made by all members of the club. A total of contributions for each task is displayed for each member within a specified date range. Here, you can view or edit specific details about each member's contributions as well as create new records manually.

Special notes and known limitations

  • Volunteer hour records created by member signup through Tasks cannot be directly deleted/modified. To make changes to such records, you must either edit the related Task, or amend the record with a manual entry.

  • Tasks created through the volunteer module must have a valid start/end date to be included in the report.

  • When editing manual records, you may modify the total hours of the contribution, it's related list, it's date, and comments. You may also delete the record entirely.

  • If you see any reports with incorrect and or negative hours showing, please contact the support team so we can investigate.

  • A Misc signup list is included by default. This signup list can be used to record hours that are not associated with any specific Signup list.

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