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Volunteers module overview

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If you’re planning on coordinating any sort of an event or program, you’re going to need a signup sheet. In today’s fast-paced digital world, people don’t want to go through the trouble of printing forms and filling them out manually. To get a good volunteer turnout to your event you need to rely on an online signup sheet. The Volunteers module gives you the ability to build your own signup lists for virtually any scenario where you need to coordinate people in various commitments organized by time, day, task, or group.

Great for event shifts, volunteers, committee signups, or anything involving a schedule. No software to installyour signup sheet can be accessed from any browser -- anywhere on the internetIt’s easier for you and your visitors to use as well. Paper signups are messy and people don't fill out the information correctly or completely. The Volunteer module is online so everything is kept in one place, accessible by all. You can then download various report, identify shortages, and even send out email reminders to everyone who has signed up.

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