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What are the bulletin’s properties?

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Bulletins have several properties that you can change to customize it. Please read below for more information about the Bulletin properties.

  1. First go to your ClubRunner home page and login to Member Area at the top right. Once you have done this, click Member Area again. 

  2. You will see several tabs. Click on the tab marked Bulletin.

  3. Next, click on the Manage Bulletins link.

  4. On the Bulletin List page click on the Name of the bulletin or the Edit link on the same row as the bulletin you want to edit.

  5. Click on the Properties button near the top right.

  6. This will take you to the Properties page.

    • Name: The title of the bulletin
    • Permalink: The name of the bulletin for the address or url
    • Date: The date of the bulletin
    • Bulletin Group: The group the bulletin is located in
    • Visible on Website: Check this to have it show on the website
    • Show Commitments: Check this to have the receiver's commitments shown at the bottom of the bulletin's email
    • Access Level: Public is for anyone to see the bulletin. Requires Login is for members only.
    • Email Subject: The subject in the email
    • Editor name: The name of the editor of the bulletin
    • Editor Email: The email of the editor of the bulletin
    • Content Template: The template that is in use for the bulletin
    • Save: Click Save to save the changes of the properties

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