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What is the difference between System contact groups and Custom contact groups? - Knowledgebase / Club Help / Club - Administration Guide / Contacts - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

What is the difference between System contact groups and Custom contact groups?

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System Groups

The use of contact groups allows you to organize your non-member contacts into lists reflecting their role in the life of your club. The module includes a number of pre-generated groups. These are known as system groups. System group contacts are automatically assigned to the system groups by ClubRunner. For example, when you add a sponsor to your site their contact details are extracted and added to the Sponsors system group as a new contact. 

  • Meeting Guests: These are the guests that have been inputted into the Attendance module as having attended a meeting. 
  • Sponsors: Members or non-members who advertise on the club website.
  • Volunteers: Non-members who have signed up for volunteer tasks.
Note: You may edit the name and description of a system group. However, we suggest retaining the original name when possible to avoid confusion in your club communications and when dealing with ClubRunner technical support.

Custom Groups

System groups encompass many of your non-member contacts, but you also have the freedom to create your own contact groups. These are known as custom groups. With custom groups, you can organize non-member contacts in ways that are most effective for your specific needs. For example, your club may wish to have a contact group that includes all your local municipal politicians and another group for your charity partners.  You are able to edit and delete your custom groups and add contacts from any source. It is also possible to add a contact from a system group to a custom group. 

Bulletin Subscribers: this is a special group inside custom groups.  Any website visitors can publicly subscribe to your bulletin (see our article about the "Bulletin Subscribe" widget).  When they do they will automatically be added into this group.  Members can internally edit, delete and add anyone they'd like into this group.

It is safe to delete this group, but note the system will re-create it if a website visitor subsequently subscribes to the bulletin through the website.

  • Bulletin Subscribers:  Both members + non-members who have subscribed to your club bulletin.
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