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Widget properties

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Once you have moved a widget to the home page layout you can move your mouse cursor over the placed widget, whereupon four options appear.


  1. Preview: This will give you the ability to see what the widget would look like live on your homepage.


  2. Edit Content: This will take you to the area where you can edit the content within the widget. For example, if you clicked this option on the Stories widget, then it would take you to the Stories for Home Page screen from where you would be able to edit and add new stories.


  3. Properties: In here you have the ability to customize the look of the widget by changing the widget title, color and font, border colors, header colors, background colors, and more. To view your changes before publishing them, refer to the preview window on the Properties screen.


  4. Remove – This will remove the widget from the homepage layout. You can easily drag and drop it later from the Toolbox.

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