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Gmail Outage & Delivery Issues – December 15, 2020 - News / Service Issues - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

Dec 16 2020

Gmail Outage & Delivery Issues – December 15, 2020

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Please be aware that Google’s Gmail email service suffered an outage yesterday, impacting both regular Gmail accounts and GSuite Email Accounts. During the outage, their service was responding with an error message indicating that the address was not valid or the user did not exist. These sorts of errors automatically turn into bounces when our mail provider SendGrid sees the same error multiple times. SendGrid has taken steps to ensure that these errors reported during the outage are not counted as a block, but a soft bounce instead.

In ClubRunner, this means that you may see a much higher bounce/block rate for emails sent yesterday to Gmail based email addresses. In some cases the addresses may be displayed on the Managed Blocked Email list, but are not currently blocked. We’re investigating removing any of the addresses that are incorrectly listed in ClubRunner as blocked. Once we have more information, we will share another update.

In order to ensure members received their emails, please review the outgoing email stats to see if any users were impacted. Once identified, you can copy emails and resend to the specific members. Alternatively, members can also login to ClubRunner and view any emails sent to them through ClubRunner via the My Email History feature. Refer to this guide for assistance with using My Email History:

For additional details regarding the outage, please see these messages from Gmail and SendGrid:

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